"People often view qualities such as Dedication, Integrity, Sacrifice & Conviction to ones beliefs as being old fashioned.

We do not...

We feel they are very honorable traits of a good leader."

Mr. Gemini Mehta,
Managing Director

Our Beliefs:
  • Respect for Individuals. People are our greatest asset.
  • Achieve and maintain a position of leadership in each of our fields of expertise.
  • Pursue all tasks to completion in a superior manner.
  • Govern individual and company relationships, with the highest standard of conduct and integrity.
  • Be close to the customer in action, example and spirit, and ensure superior quality products & services.
  • Measure our effectiveness by the long-term profits we achieve for our enterprise.
Our Objectives:
  • To Provide a total Maintenance Solution.
  • To recycle the faulty PCBs & Cards by repairing them within the shortest possible time, and maximum possible reliability.
  • To repair and maintain costly, sophisticated equipment and to provide our quality services at minimal cost.
  • To ensure the exact diagnosis of faulty equipment, suggest better solutions, and provide continuous backup for the advanced electronics industry.
  • To seek representatives to market our services overseas, and to set up joint ventures in the interest of expanding internationally.
  • To provide marketing and repair services for various international companies that manufacture industrial electronic and automation products.